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Marketing Management
Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Marketing Management





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   - If you are tired of the uncertainty of the marketing

   - If director and marketer are mutually dissatisfied

   - If it is not clear how to make the marketing department work effectively and systematically. 


Then, the solution is not in marketing, but in its organization and management. This is a management problem. Now you have unique opportunity to participate in the marketing management seminar that will take place on April 27, 29 and 30.


The seminar will be led by management expert with extensive experience and knowledge of management technologies, Arthur Voskanyan.


You will have the opportunity to discuss not only marketing, but also related management problems and methods for solving them. The seminar is primarily aimed to those who are responsible for the effectiveness of marketing in the organization.


We will discuss how to set the right expectations for marketing and how to organize it to get the desired results.

 As a result of the seminar you will:

   - Learn how to create an effective marketing service that will meet the expectations of management

   - Get to know the methods of marketing organization

   - You will be offered metrics for measuring marketing and technologies for influencing results

   - Establish necessary marketing budget and manage resources


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